23. 6. 2010


Dear Pilots,

As you all know we have been busy restructuring the R&D department at UP – we are proud to present to you Mr. Frantisek Pavlousek, 43 years old and new head of UP designs.
'Franta' has worked with Axis Para for a decade, as both the creative spirit behind the wing designs and as production manager.
During his studies to become an engineer, Franta already built his first gliders - he now looks back at 20 years of experience as a designer! His vision when it comes to building gliders reflects UP’s philosophy: finding the perfect blend between performance, handling and safety for the task at hand.
We're very excited to welcome Franta on board and look forward to working with him, designing winners for UP during the coming decade and more.
shared from www.up-international.com

Link na diskusiu v CZ:http://www.pgweb.cz/forum/o-vsem-s-nadhledem:56921

22. 6. 2010

Vertex Standard Pilot III

Ahojte, ideme si s Palim Tr. kupit vysielky na airband, ak by sa chcel niekto pridat, dajte vediet do zajtra. Stoji +-200E, ideme to objednavat tak ked si viaceri kupime, bude lacnejsie postovne..
Viac na www.vertexstandard.com

17. 6. 2010

15. 6. 2010



Himalayan Vulture

Pekný článok od Zuzky na pgweb.cz o lietani v himalajach.


do pozornosti dávam aj stránku Pavla a Zuzky : http://www.parahimalaya.cz/

14. 6. 2010


ahojte, takto som upravil vizual stranky, je to nova funkcia blogspotu:.
koli upravam zmizla diskusia co bola, musim ju tam znova nahodit..